Ghi posing as a mannequin in a biker leather jacket and Jimmy Choo sandals. / by Anastasios Photography

Ghi biker mannequin

Hi there,Here is one of my favourite shootings. I wanted for some time now to do a B/W shooting and because it's more graphic than colour, I came up with the idea of making Ghi look like a mannequin doll. I think it worked well. I used a beauty dish as a key light, a fill and a back detail light.

We thought that it would be great to combine that cool ARMA biker leather jacket with a pair of 14cm high heel black velvet Jimmy Choo platform sandals (winter 2012) and a pair of tight stretch jeans from Toi Moi (Ghi's all time favourite) The combo came out perfect!.


I hope you like it.