Even cowgirls get the blues... by Anastasios Photography

Ghi got some time ago those PERFECT iconic Giuseppe Zanotti bootsbut due to the busy times etc. I couldn't do a shooting the way I wanted. But their time had come. Their American western style led me to choose a suitable location and I tried to give the best mood by choosing black & white with a sepia tone.

I loved her total black look, she totally rocked those Zanotti's. She also wears her favourite ARMA biker's leather jacket and a pair of Pull&Bear stretch and skinny jeans.

I hope you like this little fashion editorial!

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Urban fashion editorial starring iPhone. by Anastasios Photography

I got a great chance to have three beautiful models available for a shooting.So, I planned a fashion editorial with items from all High Street stores.

The concept was the constant iPhone (smart phone) use in urban life as it is a non stop habbit for everyone in a city for both serious or fun reasons.

So here are Jeany, Puck and Olga starring in one of my most enjoyable shootings.

Jeany 1 Puck 1 Puck 2 Olga 1 Jeany 2 Girls 1 Girls 2 Puck 3 Olga 2 Jeany 3 Girls 3 Jeany 4

Posing at night by Anastasios Photography

Ghi at night 2

Hi there, I wanted to do a night shooting at that empty at night parking space need my house for a long time. Now that the weather is a bit better we grabbed the chance with Ghi and did a great shooting. I used only one speed light SB800 with a CTO gel and soft box and the light from the lamp posts. Lenses used, Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 and Nikon 50mm f1.4.

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Ghi posing as a mannequin in a biker leather jacket and Jimmy Choo sandals. by Anastasios Photography

Ghi biker mannequin

Hi there,Here is one of my favourite shootings. I wanted for some time now to do a B/W shooting and because it's more graphic than colour, I came up with the idea of making Ghi look like a mannequin doll. I think it worked well. I used a beauty dish as a key light, a fill and a back detail light.

We thought that it would be great to combine that cool ARMA biker leather jacket with a pair of 14cm high heel black velvet Jimmy Choo platform sandals (winter 2012) and a pair of tight stretch jeans from Toi Moi (Ghi's all time favourite) The combo came out perfect!.


I hope you like it.

Ghi in Burberry London Chelsea boots by Anastasios Photography

_AN14334 copy

Hi there,It was about time making a post with Ghi wearing those great Burberry London wedges she got some time ago but never had a chance to wear. You know it's still freaking cold here in Amsterdam :)

There are actually three sets of photos with three different types of lighting.

I hope you like them both, the shoes and the photos :)


Jeany in fashion poses by Anastasios Photography



The other day I had a great shooting session with Jeany, a great cool model. After we had discussed about the styling of the shooting she turned up all professional with a suitcase with many choices! It was easy to create some cool looks as she had nice items and also a pleasure to shoot her pretty body and face. I loved her SuperTrash silver/white/cyan biker's jacket and her cool teenager's Gucci sneakers.

I hope you liked both photos and styling.



Beauty shot using a beauty dish. by Anastasios Photography


[dt-galleriffic] Here is my latest shooting with Ghi using only a beauty dish and a black background. I just wanted to see only skin and the accessories, that is why she wore also black.

It is actually a fashion shooting as I wanted to show the two bangles of Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

I used  my great nikon lens 80-200mm 2.8D AD .


_AN13813 _AN13817 _AN13824 _AN13838 _AN13850 _AN13855 _AN13859

Ghi in Jimmy Choo by Anastasios Photography

Ghi in Jimmy Choo 4

[dt-galleriffic ]Hi there,

Here is a shooting I did with Ghi at a record time of only 30 minutes. I had planned it to last 4 hours in two locations but it happened to be the coldest day of the year and we had also to change the styling to fur coat because

it was impossible to stay out for long.

It was also my first shooting trying out my nikon 80-200 f2.8 lens that I recently got. I was amazed by the results as I did everything so quickly and I didn't have much time to hold the camera steadily or take many shots. All shots though were dead on focused and at 2.8 very sharp indeed! Except the last image which was shot with another lens in low light conditions were you can see the less sharp quality (Nikon 18-70 f3.5-4.5).

I hope you like the results.

Ghi in Jimmy Choo 2 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 3 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 4 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 5 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 6 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 7 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 8 Ghi in Jimmy Choo 9


Ghi in Little Black Dress by Anastasios Photography

Ghi in a Little Black Dress

Hi there,

Here is one of my favourite shootings. The purpose was to show the beauty and simplicity of a Little black dress which is a must item of ladies fashion but I got carried away with Ghi's beauty and the studio lighting and I actually turned it to a beauty shooting.

I also made a sketch plan of the lighting as many of you ask me often about the lighting setups.[dt-galleriffic ]

Ghi in Missoni for Target outfit by Anastasios Photography

Ghi Missoni for Target
Ghi received an unexpected gift by a friend of hers from the US.
To our surprise the first thing we saw was the label Missoni :) and we froze!
Although, a few seconds later we realized that it was from the Missoni for Target line.
No problem as the design is still by Missoni and it's really cool
but of course not of the impecable quality of a real Missoni dress.
I heard that there was madness online when that line came out and most of the collection ended up in eBay selling really overpriced.
Anyway, here are 3 versions of how to wear this dress and leggings set.

Baina in Jeremy Scott Adidas booties by Anastasios Photography

Baina in Jeremy Scott Adidas booties

Baina is a student in the university of St. Petersburg in Russia.I love her looks and style and immediately thought of shooting her for a post or two. Today, she is wearing those crazy leopard Adidas by Jeremy Scott (probably the most beautiful of the series),  camo and red shirts by Zara (just got) and Topshop pants.


I hope you like her style :)




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Ready for the summer by Anastasios Photography

Ghi ready for the summer

Here is my latest shooting featuring my regular model Ghi for my fashion blog. I used 2x500 monolights with softboxes one over the other to cover the whole body and make the effect of the sun. At the left side I used only a big silver reflector.

You can see the lighting diagram too, as many ask me for the lighting set up.



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